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I ran my first half marathon!

I had never run more than 3 miles before, but after training with Connie, we crossed the 13.1 mile finish line together!!

"You can do anything with coaching!"

Running with Connie has been an absolute joy! I love spending an hour after work 2 days a week training with her. I have gone from couch to 5k to prepare for my triathlon and am so grateful for Connie's coaching. 

Kindergarten teacher

Working with Connie has been transformative. I was the typical self saboteur- I wanted to be healthy and workout but mentally couldn't get myself to do it. Since working out with Connie I now have someone who keeps me motivated, holds me accountable, and inspires me to improve other parts of my life. She gives me the push I need to better myself and let's me listen to K-pop while we work out ;)