Serving Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad, and surrounding areas

Hi! I'm Connie Tosaya

A teacher-turned-personal trainer. After 10 successful years in the classroom, my greatest joy is helping people grow! 

Through my own health transformation, I discovered that I am happiest when I can prioritize my nutrition and exercise even when my day is completely jam-packed. A 30-minute workout and redefining my relationship with food changed the trajectory of my life.

I am passionate about helping people get started by making small choices that turn into long-term lifestyle changes. I'd love to walk alongside you as you learn how to find joy in moving your body and eating in a way that supports your goals. No one "has time" to make the changes they want. Let me help, by coming to you, and fitting exercise and coaching into your busy schedule! 

Wondering what my workouts are like?

Check out this quick 14 minute video to see a snippet of what working with me is like! No equipment needed.